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Warehouse Densification: Pallets, your profitability superhero

Boosting Warehouse Efficiency and Profitability with FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems

Warehouse Densification: Pallets, Your Profitability Superhero

In MHI’s 2023 annual industry report, 86% of the manufacturing and supply chain professionals surveyed said that digital supply chains that are autonomous, connected, intelligent, and agile will be the norm by 2027 – 5% say they are the norm today. The report goes on to share that automation and digital technology adoption are now table skates and will continue to be critical components of successful supply chains in the future.

3PL cold storage operators, in particular, face significant pressure to increase productivity, efficiency, safety, and profitability due to high overhead and energy costs. Workforce and economic pressures are also urging greater and faster adoption of warehouse automation.

FLEXSPACE (FS) Mobile Racking Systems are a highly mature and steadily advancing technology. For over 50 years, these systems comprised of a racking superstructure installed to power moving bases, eliminate unused aisle space and convert it to usable storage capacity. The single-select racking system provides direct, unobstructed access to each pallet. In turn, warehouse storage density exponentially increases - storing more pallets on a smaller footprint. Over the decades, the FS Mobile Racking System efficiency deliverable has remained intact - providing operators with greater storage capacity, higher efficiency, and increased profitability.

FLEXSPACE mobile racking system that allows more pallets to be stored in a smaller space.

FS Mobile Racking Systems have advanced in human-systems engineering by integrating with the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The high-value benefits of pairing WMS and FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems include greater inventory transparency, greater operational efficiency, intelligence and analytics, and even increased service levels.

Storage densification coupled with efficient pallet handling is a revenue maximizer. FS Mobile Racking System’s single-select pallet accessibility eliminates unnecessary pallet touches that occur in multi-deep environments, wasted labor time, and averts potential exposure to pallet damage. As labor and handling costs are decreasing, the value of the pallet is increasing. More pallets in a smaller space with lower cost per pallet creates sustainable profitability.

FS Mobile Racking Systems create an entry point into automation that holistically impacts the organization from resource utilization (land, labor, energy, and space) to more profitably positioning each pallet to deliver sustainable value.

To learn how the FS Mobile Racking system can help your organization, please contact us:


Our team and workplace have been recognized on South Carolina’s Top Workplace 2023 list, ranking #2, and recognized as South Carolina’s fastest-growing companies for the past two years. These accolades build on FLEXSPACE’s commitment to building a team of pros who relentlessly question convention to make a difference tomorrow.


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