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Warehouse Densification: The Time is Now

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Storage Racking Systems are Essential Now

What worked in the past, will not work in the future of warehousing. Organizations that take a myopic, traditional view of their warehouse as a facility to simply move goods through the supply chain are missing opportunities to increase efficiency in key operational areas, create agility in meeting changing customer needs, and invest in technology that will provide sustainable profitability.

It is no longer optional to invest in automation at some level, it is essential. When evaluating technologies to help create operational and sustainable efficiencies, it’s important to link your strategy, industry, and future customer needs with the right level of automation. FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems (FS Mobile Racking System) are time-tested, bottom and top-line focused, and ultimately help drive a customer experience that is expected in this demanding economy.

The top 5 reasons to consider FS Mobile Racking Systems for your organization are:

1) Reduced Building Footprint and Related Costs

As a high-density storage system, FS Mobile Racking Systems eliminate the need for fixed aisles between rows of static racks, by providing a moveable access aisle. By having one access aisle per rack zone, space is not only optimized from a storage capacity perspective but also with the ability to store more items on a smaller footprint.

Today, land is sparse, construction and material costs are skyrocketing, and debt financing is becoming difficult – the ability to decrease square footage and maximize storage capacity is paramount. A modern design utilizing FS Mobile Racking: A 106,000 square foot warehouse using FS Mobile Racking System as opposed to a traditional, double-deep static system resulted in:

  • 32% less square footage – land, energy, and labor costs

  • 48% more storage capacity – more pallet positions drive revenue, reduce costs

  • 16% less construction costs – build, storage system, and overall project costs

Read more about this compelling example of how FS Mobile Racking Systems saved land, energy, construction costs: LEARN MORE

2) Labor Challenge

Tight labor markets have had a ripple effect across the labor spectrum from higher wages, increased cost of attrition, and difficulty in finding skilled labor – especially in a cold storage environment.

FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems help improve productivity, decrease labor needs, and improve safety.

Higher productivity. With the FS Mobile Racking System, travel time from dock to stock is reduced with a smaller building footprint. Additionally, the single-select accessibility to each and every pallet increases productivity and throughput.

Decreased labor. By eliminating fixed aisles with the FS Mobile Racking Systems, we are typically able to store up to 3 times more inventory than a traditional static system, which means less labor is needed to manage the same amount of inventory.

Improved safety. FS Mobile Racking Systems have safety features to prevent accidents and inventory damage. Safety systems include multiple levels of sensors, breaking motors, and photo beams. Additionally, the nature of the single-select system reduces pallet handling and decreases the opportunity for pallet tipping and dropping.

3) Integration with your Warehouse Management System

The ability to integrate and combine existing technologies is key to maximizing return on your automation investment. FS Mobile Racking Systems are compatible with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). By integrating equipment (FS Mobile Racking Systems), with your WMS, and people workflows -a vital connection is created that maximizes the movement of inventory and people.

4) Increased Throughput

The achievement of more storage density on a smaller footprint will increase throughput. A smaller footprint along with faster order picking and replenishment with single-select accessibility and less pallet touches dramatically maximizes throughput.

5) Flexibility and Agility

The FS Mobile Racking System can be adjusted to accommodate customers’ changing inventory - size, type, and quantity. As customer demands and preference change in food cold storage, for example, the mobile zones and the rack elevations can be adjusted creating a flexible, agile storage environment.

The value of the FS Mobile Racking System is far-reaching and ready to be realized. We invite you to consider the FS Mobile Racking System – a time-tested, domestically supported, automated solution that will position your organization for more efficient, competitive operations that create a resilient business and sustainable profitability.

We’d like to understand how we could help your organization. Reach out to Zach Adams: to have a more in-depth conversation.


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