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FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System: Optimal Storage Density and Labor Efficiency for Industrial Space

Learn how FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems help organizations achieve greater pallet density and decrease labor costs.

FLEXSPACE partners with organizations to achieve optimal storage density and lower labor overhead costs with its automated mobile racking system. By eliminating the need for multiple aisles between static racks, the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System (FS Mobile Racking System) creates one moving access aisle per rack zone. The results are impactful to the top and bottom-lines.

FS Mobile Racking Systems enables organizations to achieve maximum storage density with the elimination of fixed, unused aisles along with its single-select rack structure. The combination of building on a smaller footprint and having 100% access to all pallet locations creates labor efficiencies both obvious and not-so-obvious.

FS Mobile Racking System’s densification has a direct, positive impact on the workforce in the following ways:

  • Less labor is required working on a smaller footprint.

  • Labor time is more efficient with shorter, concentrated travel times.

  • Labor is more profitable with less pallet handling due to single-select accessibility.

  • Higher labor flexibility and autonomy with full visibility of pallet occupancy and vacancy.

  • More focused training investments.

  • Lower exposure to labor market fluctuations.

FS understands the cost challenges organizations face with land, energy, and labor and how important it is that an investment in automation delivers positive business outcomes. The use of FS Mobile Racking Systems allows an organization to achieve 100% occupancy on a smaller footprint – increasing revenues or top-line growth. At the same time, reducing overhead costs (less workforce, greater productivity, higher revenue touches). A win/win for the top and bottom-line growth.

Put FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System to work for your organization to optimize your assets – land, energy, labor, and space capacity. It’s a Decidedly Different approach to sustainable profitability and resilience.

Take the next step and email us,, to learn how we can help your organization achieve maximum storage densification and labor efficiency.


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