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An Insider’s View: Warehouse Densification.

Today’s Buzzwords or Tomorrow’s Necessity


General Manager at FlexCold-Jacksonville

Maurice Grier, General Manager at FlexCold-Jacksonville, a 30-year cold storage veteran, has spent his career managing productivity, inventory efficiency, and profitability in traditional, multi-deep cold storage environments.FlexCold-Jacksonville is Maurice’s first exposure to the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System. He shares his observations and how his initial perceptions and limitations of the mobile racking system were debunked.

During Covid, consumers’ freezers were chock-full of their favorite ice creams, frozen vegetables, prepared meals, and pizza. Consumer behavior changed overnight as restaurants and food service operations were closed and Americans were eating in. The demand for frozen food increased an estimated 40 percent and consumers continue to rely on the convenience.


As demand skyrocketed, the country’s cold storage infrastructure, which averaged 35 years in operation, faced significant pressure to meet the influx of demand.

Warehouses built in 1988 were not constructed to meet today’s dynamic food supply chain and customer buying patterns.


FlexCold, a new cold storage entrant with its first operational location in Jacksonville, Florida, saw the opportunity to build a new model of 3PL cold storage and logistics. With an integrated approach to real estate, technology, and operations, the FlexCold team (set out) to realize significant efficiencies. The design and programming of the building was key to delivering on its value proposition and it started with FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking.

In this webinar we will cover

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We’ve achieved key areas of efficiency that I can directly relate to the mobile racking system that I haven’t experienced with traditional storage systems.

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