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How Much More Sustainable Could Your Organization Be?

FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems help drive sustainability and business performance in meaningful, actionable ways. The environmental impact of building on a smaller footprint while at the same time achieving maximum pallet density drives multidimensional value.

First, building on a smaller footprint conserves valuable land resources. It also means using less construction materials which reduces the environmental impact associated with the processing, transporting and ultimately waste of these raw materials.

Secondly, and an obvious target especially in cold storage environments, is the reduction of warehouse energy consumption. To maintain consistent temperatures 24/7, 365 days a year, power and energy costs are substantial operating costs. Refrigeration alone can consume up to 70% of the facility’s total energy consumption. (1) A smaller facility will require less energy for cooling, heating office areas, and lighting. Lower energy consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production and decreases overall operating costs. 

Thirdly, reducing water consumption. By building a smaller building water usage will be reduced when used for temperature control, humidity management, sanitization and even fire protection. Moving from the inside to the outside, less landscaping will mean less water consumption for irrigation purposes. Overall efficient water usage practices help minimize waste and environmental impact. 

Embracing sustainability helps increase warehouse profitability, resilience, and energy efficiency. The FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System is a key driver to demonstrate sustainability by design. We help organizations learn how to embed sustainability by challenging a conventional warehouse design and operational goals to create a clear and compelling business case for a sustainable warehouse. Sustainability is a strategic imperative as owners and operators of all types of warehouses search for ways to reduce environmental impact and create value.

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