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What if… your storage solution helped reduce your real estate and operational costs?

In the world of storage, a key value metric is the ability to maximize pallet positions for sustainable profitability, especially in a cold storage environment. Have you considered how your storage solution can maximize capacity and decrease real estate and operational costs?

Today, developers and operators alike are facing headwinds from a variety of factors including scarcity and cost of real estate, rising construction costs, as well as rising labor and energy costs. The current cost situation has accelerated a rethink of how to decrease development and operational costs to achieve sustainable profitability.

The FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System provides maximum storage capacity by converting unused aisle space to usable storage capacity. This conversion of unused space to additional storage capacity provides the additional benefit of constructing a smaller more efficient building which decreases ongoing operational costs and increasing productivity.

For Illustrative Purposes

A 106,000 square foot, 50-foot-clear conventional building can achieve approximately 30,000 pallet positions utilizing the FLEXSPACE mobile racking system. To achieve 30,000 pallet positions utilizing static, double-deep rack in a 50-foot-clear conventional building would need to be approximately 156,000 square feet.

The building footprint is 32% smaller by utilizing mobile racking to achieve 30,000 pallet positions. The smaller footprint significantly reduces construction costs, energy costs, and overall operating costs.

The use of FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System:

· reduces the building footprint;

· decreases the costs of construction, labor, and even the fire suppression system;

· reduces future real estate, energy, and labor costs;

· decreases pallet damage with a single-select structure – one touch in, one touch out; and

· improves labor productivity with a highly accessible, single-select structure.

Existing Real Estate - Retrofit

The scarcity of land and high cost of real estate and development need not be a barrier to retrofitting FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Renovating existing buildings can be done and many times with manageable facility downtime. The same business case can be made for a retrofit application - increased pallet positions, reduced labor and operational costs, improved productivity will help reduce overall operating costs and improve profitability.

FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System provides immediate and sustainable profitability from a variety of angles: increased storage capacity, decreased land acquisition/development/ongoing costs, and decreased operational costs. As technology has advanced throughout the operation of the warehouse – is your storage system working to its fullest potential for your organization?

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