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The Power of Asset Optimization – Immediate and Sustainable Profitability

By: Zach Adams, Director of Business Development

Fully optimizing your building’s storage capacity with the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System will drive efficiency and profitability

Operating an industrial warehouse, especially a cold storage warehouse, is a complex choreography of managing changing inventory needs, technology, processes, and people. In addition, existing resource-hungry infrastructure and equipment are consuming energy and space at increasing rates that can negatively impact profitability. With all this in mind, we’re seeing that traditional ways of planning, designing, building, and operating warehouses continue to pose the question – are we truly optimizing this asset’s full potential?

Our video presents a side-by-side illustration of how a 106,000-square-foot warehouse can maximize storage capacity using the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System. By eliminating static aisle space and converting that space into usable storage capacity, it sets the stage for the building (i.e. asset) to be more efficient, more resilient, and more profitable.

Take a look:

When we look holistically at asset optimization, the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System can impact the size of the building, its use of energy, how technology will impact labor productivity, and how the business can be more flexible and agile in meeting client needs.

Our animation presents the impact of fully optimizing storage capacity compared to a traditional, double-deep system: 48% more storage capacity; 20% less cost per pallet position; and 65% more revenue. Whether your vantage point is the investment, designing/building the warehouse, or operating the warehouse – FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System’s ability to deliver immediate and sustainable profitability is the power of asset optimization.

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by Zach Adams, Director of Business Development

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