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"More Stuff in a Smaller Bag" MTC Logistics & FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System

We had the great opportunity to partner with MTC Logistics with their latest cold storage warehouse in Mobile, Alabama. They broke ground in 2019 on what is now one of the largest distribution centers of its kind in the Southeast, designed to provide shippers with seamless supply chain solutions focused on global commerce. MTC- Mobile opened last year and has more than 12.6 million cubic feet of refrigerated space capable of storing 40,000-plus pallets of frozen vegetables, meat, and seafood.

MTC- Mobile is the largest application of the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System in the country – nearly two (2) miles of embedded mobile racking and nearly 31,000 total mobile racking pallet positions. Our Mobile Racking System operates in over 295,000-square-foot freezers - that equates to two football fields long and one football field wide of fully maximized space.

Working with Brooks Royster, Vice President, and Curt Edmisten, Engineer, we were able to showcase the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems with site visits in Europe where mobile racking systems have been in use for over 50 years. Seeing both new applications and older, well-aged, systems – Brooks and Curt walked away realizing the benefits of converting unused aisle space into dynamic storage space with a moveable aisle. And, the fact these systems have stood the test of time from motors to sensors to operational efficiencies – assured the MTC team that the FLEXSPACE team and Mobile Racking System would revolutionize space and how it could be maximized in Mobile.

Curt Edmisten, Engineer at MTC Logistics, said it well – “it’s more stuff in a smaller bag.”

In addition to density, the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System provides 100% accessibility to all pallets. Not only saving space and energy but time – one touch in and one touch out. The less touches on the pallet also means less opportunity for damage.

Today, the MTC-Mobile site is fully operational and serving the perishable food supply chain in Southeast and beyond.

Stay tuned for more information on the MTC- Mobile & FLEXSPACE partnership. If you have a project or ideas that we can help you with, please reach out.

Call: 877.227.0255

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