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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

When you consider that more than 30 percent of U.S. warehouse buildings are over 50 years old, and the average age of all warehouse properties is 34,1 it’s no wonder industrial real estate is lagging behind in technology and automation. Owners, whether food and beverage processors, cold storage 3PLs, or industrial manufacturers, are looking to achieve more efficiency and automation with either a new development or by upgrading and retrofitting their existing properties. In addition to dealing with aging infrastructure, owners are also challenged with changing inventory demands which have become less standardized and more labor intensive. The question is how to contend with these business realities?

One solution lies in a high-density storage system. The FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System can be used in both new and existing properties. The mobile system enables more efficiency by: · Providing the highest possible storage densification · Saving up to 80% of otherwise wasted floorspace · Increasing labor productivity · Increasing throughput capabilities. As inventory needs change, owners also require agility to respond and remain efficient in their operations. The FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems answers this call in several ways:

(1) It can adjust vertically to accommodate different product heights. Beam levels post-install can be modified to meet inventory requirements. (2) From light -to heavy-duty inventory – weight is not an issue. Each bay typically allows for six single-select pallet positions times the number of levels. If a bay contains six single-select pallet positions at four levels high, or 24 pallet positions per bay--each bay capacity is 42 metric tons. The FLEXSPACE Mobile System’s bays can be 10 long, which equates to 420 metric tons. (3) Rack material can accommodate inventory requirements. For example, galvanized rack material meets food safety requirements and is available with the FLEXSPACE Mobile System. (4) Night Park Mode facilitates airflow. The FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System can be put into Night Park Mode - when the system is not operating, the system can create "mini aisles" to allow for continued air circulation between products. This feature is especially important with dairy, cheese, and produce manufacturers and distribution centers. (5) It delivers on the proximity factor. In a manufacturing environment, the closer raw materials are to the processing equipment, the more efficient the workflow. With a decreased footprint and increased storage, travel time between storage and process is decreased and much more efficient. For the modern warehouse, efficiency and flexibility must go hand in hand. Ultimately, owners’ success will be determined not by more warehouses or bigger ones, but by advanced solutions such as FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems that are adaptable, agile, and highly efficient. Zach Adams Business Development Director

1 CBRE Research, “U.S. MarketFlash | Old storage: Warehouse modernization in early stages,” March 29, 2018.

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