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FLEXSPACE Customer Experience Approach. It’s Decidedly Different.

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We think about customer service as less reactionary and more proactive which is why at FLEXSPACE we view it more holistically as the Customer Experience. For most of us, dealing with customer service is centered on a problem, issue, or even a crisis. We don’t see the value in that model of customer service. We see value in reimagining the approach to interacting with our customers which ensures little to no downtime, proactively anticipating issues, and ensuring our customers’ teams are educated, efficiently using our systems, and safe. Of course, should there be an issue, we address it as quickly as possible. The Customer Experience at FLEXSPACE greatly expands Customer Service to drive satisfaction before purchase, during utilization and after, to correct problems, make tweaks, get feedback and basically just being a great partner.

Customer Service and our Customer Experience model do share some basic skills. Basic traits of good customer service include empathy, adaptability, clear communication, and taking responsibility, among other attributes. We bundle these basic skills and kick it up with our team to build trust, demonstrate our expertise, and enhance our partnership.

It’s About Trust

Our program is based on growing trust by instituting proactive and predictive measures that ensure uptime. We value the trust our customers have placed in us with their decision to purchase our products and solutions. We are committed to carrying that baton forward with a Customer Experience program that includes personal – boots on the ground – site visits to access how the system is performing, running diagnostic testing, and noting workflows in your unique environment. This enables us to learn about your business, how our system is performing, and implement preventative maintenance tasks. These activities form the bedrock of our approach and certainly surpass a traditional customer service model.

Flexing our Expertise when Needed

The second pillar of our Customer Experience program is expertise. Whether you have questions on how your system is operating or how to trouble-shoot a situation, our customers work directly with one of our domestic product experts. We are available 24x7, and we mean it. We know our systems inside and out and aim to remedy situations when they arise, quickly. Our team is multi-faceted – they install, service, and maintain the systems. They understand these aspects of the product to be able to troubleshoot a question or issue quickly. Our customers have recognized our high level of expertise and peace of mind knowing we are not only exceptionally responsive but highly effective in issue resolution. In addition to coming in handy for troubleshooting, this level of expertise also helps to preempt those problems from arising in the first place.

Being a Dang Good Partner

The third pillar of our program is partnership. We, as a team, value proactivity and communication. Our team is not only your partner throughout the first year of system operation but for the life of your product. Businesses are rarely stagnant, teams change, product lines change. Our promise is to be your partner to navigate, educate, and always “be there” to ensure your FLEXSPACE system is meeting your ongoing business needs.

We set out to revolutionize industrial spaces with space-saving, capacity-maximizing, profitability-growing solutions to help our customers reach optimal performance. We can’t stop there. Our customers expect more, and we are constantly assessing and pivoting to make our customers’ experience with our products and solutions exceptional.

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