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Find out what Campbell’s Soup and FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems have in common

Updated: May 22, 2023

FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems deliver sustainable growth and profitability

Today’s food manufacturers and processors have grappled with recent challenges from supply chain issues and inflation to scarcity of land, labor, and capital. Challenges often stimulate creative thinking and agile solutions that will address today’s needs and help position the organization for future sustainable growth and profitability.

Campbell's condensed soup - M'm! M'm! Good.

Food manufacturers and processors have a long history of seeking out creative solutions that meet consumers' demands and even create new food categories. One example of creative thinking and “storing more, in less space” is Campbell’s condensed soup. In 1897, Dr. John T. Dorrence, a chemist, invented Campbell’s condensed soup. By eliminating water in canned soup and having the consumer finish the production process, Campbell’s soup was able to lower its packaging, shipping, and storage costs, and made it possible for consumers to buy a can of soup for a dime. Creative thinking with “storing more food in less space” has fed consumers for over 125 years and created sustainable growth and profitability for Campbell's soup.

Today, the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System is helping food manufacturers and processors address the scarcity of land, increase labor productivity, and realize a strong ROI to sustain growth and profitability. The core benefits of the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System are:

  1. Increased storage capacity by eliminating fixed aisle spaces and converting it to usable storage capacity.

  2. Single-select accessibility provides visibility to every open and occupied pallet positions eliminating unnecessary pallet movements which provides more efficient use of labor and time.

  3. Less land, less energy, less overhead - by densifying storage capacity less land is needed to store raw materials and finished goods which reduces energy, lighting, and machinery costs.

  4. Improved workflows - the mobile racking system can be easily configured to mirror the flow of raw materials and finished goods. This creates a more efficient movement of goods throughout the warehouse and increased labor productivity.

  5. Flexible rack configuration allows adjustments to accommodate varying pallet sizes, ingredient drums, and packaging types.

FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking Systems

For example, a FLEXSPACE bakery manufacturing client installed mobile racking in its Georgia and Pennsylvania facilities. Later this year, the Pennsylvania facility will be expanding and using the FLEXSPACE Mobile Racking System. The bakery chose the FLEXSPACE system for its attractive payback and positive bottom-line impact. Key factors for the bakery were the smaller facility footprint, better use of labor, and general decrease in overhead expenses.

Georgia Production Facility

2,062 pallet positions; 19,500 square feet

Pennsylvania Production Facility

3,984 pallet positions; 21,335 square feet

Learn how we can help your organization make more dough by using less space to create more storage capacity. Visit us at IDDBA, Booth #1246, June 4 - June 6 in Anaheim, California.

If you’re not able to join us at IDDBA, please reach out to learn how we can help your organization create sustainable growth and profitability.


Photo by Kelly Common


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